Project Proposal

Who we are

Longfellow Real Estate Partners is an industry leader with a well-earned reputation as a world-class life sciences real estate developer specializing in owning, developing and managing long-term projects in dense urban and suburban environments. Our 6 million square foot portfolio includes 17 properties throughout the US, including in Palo Alto and Redwood Shores, each of which supports the growth of tenant companies by providing compelling lifestyle amenities that make it easier to attract and retain top talent. Longfellow is partnered with PGIM on this ambitious venture to transform the existing office park into a space that better serves tenants, and the community.

Existing Site

In 2019, Longfellow acquired the Redwood LIFE site (formerly known as Bayshore Technology Park) which currently accommodates a mix of tenant uses and is home to some of the country’s most noteworthy companies. Redwood LIFE is a destination for tenants and neighbors alike, and serves as a gateway to the Redwood Shores Bay Trail, and provides access to a basketball court, onsite cafe, and activated open spaces throughout the property. The existing site has 20 buildings totaling nearly 1 million square feet on an 84-acre parcel of land.

Project Vision

Our proposed project would transform the campus to better serve the life-sciences sector, an industry that continues to experience a shortage of spaces suitable for research and development. At its core, our project will contribute to the economic vitality of the city by expanding our life sciences hub to attract leading businesses, while also ensuring our campus provides new and positive experiences to our neighbors. We look forward to continuing our work with the community and elected leaders to ensure our project best serves the people and communities of Redwood City.

Providing affordable housing for Redwood City is a fundamental part of our development vision. We have issued an RFQ for an affordable housing partner that will work with us to help us meet the City’s goal of adding more housing for moderate, low, and very-low-income residents. Due to the characteristics of the Redwood LIFE property, housing is being considered for off-site – rather than on-site – development. We look forward to announcing our affordable housing partner later in 2021.

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Project Proposal

Longfellow, together with partner PGIM, are working to evolve and expand Redwood LIFE through a sequenced development plan that will add up to 2.4 million square feet of new state-of-the-art life sciences office and laboratory space, enhanced and revitalized green space, and community amenities that will be informed by feedback from neighbors and community leaders. The proposed expansion would replace up to 20 buildings with up to 16 new buildings over a 10-20 year period. Our goal is to transform Redwood LIFE into a vibrant life sciences center with improved neighborhood access and amenities, making it a special place for the community.

Preliminary Site Plan

Design Principles

Redwood shores is one of the only places in the world where mountainous vegetation and bay landscapes meet, one of the many reasons people come to enjoy the Bay Area’s natural beauty. Our location at this unique intersection of water features, marshland, rolling hills, and hillside vegetation has informed our design vision, which incorporates cues from these features to create a design that blends seamlessly with the surrounding environment. For example, exterior buildings will incorporate elements drawn from the surrounding natural environment using oak, redwood and madrone trees, as well as the fog and bay water, to inspire the color palette.

Project Timeline

We are currently embarking upon a years-long process that will involve extensive work with the community, elected officials, and city staff – and nothing will be happening at the site any time soon. Our first step is to host a series of community meetings and open houses to get feedback from our neighbors on the project Pre-Application, which we hope to complete this spring. After the City provides technical feedback on the Pre-Application, a formal Application will be filed. The project will then be subject to several years of environmental and design study, another step that will include extensive opportunities for community feedback and engagement. We do not yet have an exact timeline for when construction would begin.

Visit the Redwood City planning department website for additional updates on Redwood LIFE Evolve’s planning process.

Redwood City Project Website

Get Involved

Whether you’re a Redwood LIFE neighbor, city resident, or local business, we want to hear from you! Throughout the planning process, we’ll be hosting virtual events, providing opportunities for questions and feedback, and sending out regular project updates to keep the community informed. Join us by signing up below:


Open Houses

We want to hear from you! Join us at our upcoming open houses.